Lowongan Kerja

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Lowongan Kerja

Lowongan Administration Department Head, Job PT Traktor Nusantara S1 Ekonomi Akuntansi / Management & S1 Teknik Industri

Posted: 08 Feb 2010 06:10 PM PST

TRAKTOR NUSANTARA, PT PT TRAKTOR NUSANTARA yang termasuk dalam ASTRA HEAVY INDUSTRY & SUMITOMO CORPORATION, bergerak dibidang penjualan dan jasa service untuk alat-alat berat memerlukan : Administration Department Head (ADH) * Memahami basic finance, accounting & personnel administration. * Diutamakan lulusan dari Universitas Negeri. * Bersedia ditempatkan di seluruh wilayah Indonesia. […]

Job career Funding Officer Bank Andara, Lowongan Bank Jakarta

Posted: 08 Feb 2010 06:06 PM PST

Bank Andara Bank Andara is a wholesale bank that provides both financial and transactional products to microfinance institutions. Bank Andara is opening the opportunity for talented, qualified and dedicated banking professionals who seek both a challenging career and attractive package remuneration to join our company, for the following position : Funding Officer (Jakarta Raya) Requirements: * […]

Job Vacancy Library Officer, Lowongan Perpustakaan / kearsipan 2010

Posted: 08 Feb 2010 05:59 PM PST

President University President University, a growing university offering courses of international standard in an all English environment with a syllabus that is specifically designed to prepare students towards a global career, is currently looking for the following position: Library Officer (Jawa Barat – Cikarang) Responsibilities: * Develop and improve policies and procedures of library […]

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